How to Sync Articles

Here's a handy guide video (if videos aren't for you, all the text is below):

To sync your articles in from an external knowledge base, first sign in to elevio and then hit ‘Articles’ in the left hand panel. From here click ‘Sync Content’ and click on the service where your articles are housed.

Each option comes with easy step-by-step instructions to follow, and once you’ve filled in the blanks for your respective service, your data will be queued to sync.

To re-sync your already integrated articles, simply hit the ‘Sync Content’ button and hit “Re-Sync’

N.B. Elevio will only sync one way. While it is simple to sync articles in from other sources, you will be unable to sync any articles out of elevio to elsewhere.

How long does it take to sync

Syncing articles usually happens very swiftly. Based on server load, a sync can take anywhere from 2 to 45 minutes.

On our Big Time plan your account is automatically set to ‘auto sync’ which will occur every 6 hours (we can turn this off for you if you’d like). Any manual syncs are added to the back of that queue, so there can be a bit of a delay if you happen to request a sync during that time.