What is the Trigger Module?

The Trigger Module is used to integrate existing chat services into the elevio embeddable. When your users click on the trigger module it will open your chat service so they can communicate with you through that assisted channel.

Currently elevio supports Chatlio, Chatra, Drift, Olark, Intercom, LiveChatInc, Smooch, SnapEngage, UserEngage, Tagove and Zopim.

We also have support for creating custom triggers.

How to Setup the Trigger Module?

Before the trigger module is set up, the app you wish to trigger must already be installed on your site. Once this is done, simply log in to elevio, click Modules and add the trigger module. The trigger module will then connect to the app which is already installed and you're good to go.

N.B. The intercom and live chat modules are grandfathered modules and will not work for chat integration, the Trigger module is the only one that will work.