Restricting Articles

Within elevio you have the ability to restrict articles so that they can only be seen by certain groups of people. To do this, first log in to elevio and click ‘Articles’ in the left hand panel. From here click edit on the article (or category) that you wish to restrict and scroll down to ‘Access Control’ in the right column.

To have the article show to nobody, select ‘Nobody’, however if you set it to ‘Restricted’ you can restrict it based on:

  • User’s email
  • User’s email domain
  • Certain groups (you could use this for people on different plans for example).

The restricted setting is based on the user info which is passed through to elevio, which you can learn more about here

For an in-depth explanation of how the access control works, with examples, please see this guide.

N.B. If an article is restricted in any way it will not show under suggestions, however the article will remain searchable to those who have access.