Adding inline help (called helpers) is a great way to show quick tips without risking losing the users focus.

Using the visualizer

You can also add helpers to your site using our point and click tool, the visualizer. See here for more info.

Single use or permanent

When creating helpers via the visualizer, you will have the option for the helper to be a permanent helper, or one that will disappear after the user has viewed it. A great way to onboard people, or show them a new feature.

Note: To setup a single use helper, you'll need to make sure you're passing the email and user_hash so elevio can keep track of whether each user has seen the helper.

If the user is anonymous, we can still track helper views as long as they
use the same browser and are not using the Incognito or Private Browsing mode.


To manually add a helper, you just need to add a small snippet of code to the item you want clickable, something like this

<span data-elevio-inline="2570">Inline help</span>

Where 2570 is the ID of the article that you want to show.

You can quickly get access to the code snippets you need to install an inline tip, or a contextual open by clicking on the three dots beside the article and then selecting 'Share': 10_54_04-Elevio Content Dashboard-Dzo.png

The output

Using the above snippet, will generate something like this: