In some cases, you may want to disable our software on particular pages of your site. This can be done via Per Page Settings (

  1. From Per Page Settings, select Add Page
  2. Add a Title and a URL for where you want this Per Page Setting to apply
    1. In the URL section, you can paste in the exact URL of the page you want to tag. If you want to tag a group of pages, you can modify the dynamic part of the URL to (.*) as a wildcard, so the tag will apply to any URL’s which have the rest of the address in common. For example*)/view will work when any user number is substituted in for the wildcard.
  3. Toggle on the 'Should the Assistant be disabled on this page?' switch
  4. Select Create Page

Now if you load that page, the Assistant will have been set to not load.

NB This setting will mean the Elevio scripts will not load at all. Meaning any other things that rely on the Assistant like helpers / hotspots / embedded elements will also no longer work on this page.

You can use regular expressions if you like when setting the URL; use this tool to help craft your regular expression.