With article feedback, you can see how your users feel about your content with the help of our two handy little buttons (see them in action below).

If a user delivers a negative response a text field will appear allowing them to deliver written feedback about what exactly went wrong. You can then monitor and use this feedback to tune your content up and make sure only the best guidance is being delivered to your users. Simple.

This is enabled on all plans by default.
You can turn it off by editing your article module and disabling the "Ask for feedback" option. If you've uninstalled the articles module, not to worry, just re-add the articles module, change the settings, turn the module off and the settings should still apply.

To make sure you see any feedback as soon as it comes through, head to the Integrations page and set up our Slack/Hipchat Integration. This will push feedback straight to you in real time so you won't miss a thing.