While we like to see users answering all of their own questions in-app, sometimes people like to see things in a full page view.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/p31zYIXbqva6xPpHQh2AIED3E1XMsHXSx5sqD_tcLUk/eErntqKNilghGc_xVYxETy6iGCuh8YK5k6ZX6ycFlBo/Slack - elevio-2018-01-30 14_28-HBY.pngWith custom styling, you can change the HTML, CSS, and JS of the page to make it look exactly how you like, and with our integrated eco system, users can easily flick between in-app and full screen view of each article.
You can check out our own Knowledge Base here.

For custom domains, please configure your DNS settings to CNAME yourcompany.elevio.help (e.g. ‘help.yourcompany.com’ CNAMEs ‘yourcompany.elevio.help’ ).

Once this is set up, complete the process by adding it to your Knowledge Base settings here: https://app.elev.io/kb. Note this option is only available on the Regular plan and above.

For more information, Getting Started with a Hosted KB

NB: Adding Custom Styling for articles under the Assistant settings (https://app.elev.io/settings) is different from adding Custom Styling to the Knowledge Base (https://app.elev.io/kb). These custom styles have to be managed separately, on the two different settings pages.