Answers delivered - Lists the amount of articles read by view count in both the elevio Assistant and KB. Click on the view count and take a look at how many times that article has been read on each URL for articles opened in the elevio Assistant.

Assistant opens - How many times and on which URL's your users have opened the elevio Assistant. A good guide to see where people are turning to help the most.

Contextual opens - The amount of opens your helpers have had.

Assistant Searches - The top search terms your users are entering. Create and update articles based on how well your users' searches are being met. The report details:

  • Search Hits - search terms that return results. Where search results have been clicked for a search term, the report also details its corresponding Most Popular Article
  • Search Misses - search terms that do not return results
  • Hit Rate - number of Search Hits / total number of searches

Tickets Deflected - The amount of times a user has started typing a support ticket, but Answer Assist has surfaced the right answer and the ticket was never sent. Read more about this feature here.