Setting up SSL (https://) for your elevio hosted knowledge base (KB) is available by request. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure you have a CNAME setup in your knowledge base settings
  2. There is a manual setup required for us to complete your request. Please send us a support email and we will complete the final step and supply you with a new CNAME record.

Option 1: Let us issue a certificate for you (recommended)

  1. Head over to the KB settings page and click Request Certificate in the Custom Domain SSL section
  2. An email will be sent by AWS (our cloud provider) to the owner or administrators of the domain asking them to approve the issuance of the certificate. In case they don't receive the email, ask them to check their spam folder (sometimes it gets flagged as spam by mistake). Alternatively, you can resend the verification email via KB settings.
  3. Once it's approved by one of the recipients, head back to KB settings and click Activate

Before the certificate expires (usually in 12 months), another email will be sent to the same group of people, who then need to approve it again.

Option 2: I want to use my own certificate

Create a support ticket and provide a secure link (via Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar) to the certificate package (PEM) with the following:

  • Certificate Body
  • Certificate Private Key
  • Certificate Chain

as documented here.

You can obtain a free certificate from Let's Encrypt, or if you don't mind paying for it, you can buy one from GoDaddy, DigiCert, Comodo and the like. 

For security, we recommend using a certificate specific to the domain you're using (e.g. instead of a wildcard certificate.

Please note that since we don't manage the certificate for you, you will need to send us a new certificate before expiry to ensure your hosted KB remains accessible.


If you instead wish to use HSTS and terminate the SSL certificate at your CDN, please ensure you have the HTTPS toggle in your KB settings switched to off.