If it looks like your synced article is reverting back to an earlier version in the content editor, but remains true to the latest version when viewed in the Assistant or Knowledge Base, don't worry - the sync worked fine and you're likely just looking at the article in Revision mode and have an Outdated Revision.

On load of your article, you will a modal pop up, explaining that there is a Outdated Revision. 

This may have happened because past changes to the article in the Elevio content editor may have switched it to Revision mode. Hence, the content editor will continue to show that revision, even while updates are coming through and being published via sync.

If you are currently seeing the modal, we recommend discarding the revision so that it reflects the last published version. Simply click the "Discard Revision" button in the modal.

If the modal is currently not in view, and you would like to discard the revision, click the "Discard Revision" button in the dropdown menu. 

The view should then change to most recently synced version and you should be good to go!