To install the Assistant on your site, copy and paste the following just before the closing </body> tag of your site.

!function(e,l,v,i,o,n){e[i]||(e[i]={}),e[i].account_id=n;var g,h;g=l.createElement(v),g.type="text/javascript",g.async=1,g.src=o+n,h=l.getElementsByTagName(v)[0],h.parentNode.insertBefore(g,h);e[i].q=[];e[i].on=function(z,y){e[i].q.push([z,y])}}(window,document,"script","_elev","","ACCOUNT_ID");

NB. You will need to replace  ACCOUNT_ID at the end of the script with your account ID, which you can get from your account settings page.

Passing User Data

If you would like to pass through user data to allow you to lock down content or modules, see the docs here on passing through user details.

Alternative Installation Methods

If you prefer to install via Segment or a WordPress plugin, you can find links to those from the installation page.