To help with restricting article access, and also identifying customers with live chat, you can send the user's information through the script.

After loading the main script, you can then send through any user specific information.

You can mix and match any of the items you want to use, however if you want to send through an email address you must also send through an email_hash. For help on how to generate the email_hash, click here.

To show elevio only to logged in users, you must send through the email and email hash.

If you want to send through more then one group, just separate each group with a comma.

window._elev.on('load', function(_elev) {
first_name: 'John',
last_name: 'Doe',
email: '',
user_hash: '98aad46fd8124d2f8096fdfd2f5695',
groups: ['gold', ’silver’],
traits: {
Plan: 'Gold',
'Monthly Spend': '$99'

You can then use the email address, email domain, or group to provide restricted access to specific articles in the tab.

If you're using a chat plugin, this user information will also be sent to your chat provider so you can easily identify your users.