What is the Embed URL feature?

The Embed URL feature allows you to embed any link you like within the elevio Assistant. This is useful for doing things such as embedding a page where you have important images or videos housed or perhaps a booking page to allow people to book a demo without having to leave their current page.

P.S. If you want people to be taken to an another window, use the Link Module.

N.B: The URL will need to allow being shown in an iFrame.

Passing user information to the URL

When we load in the URL via the embed URL module, we add additional information about the user in the query string, this allows you to customise the page based on the users information.

The following are sent through, if available:

  • email
  • user_hash
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • groups
  • traits
  • isLoggedIn
  • lang

How to set up an embedded URL

Simply log in to elevio, click on ‘Modules’ and then install Embed URL. Give your module a name and then paste in the URL you want to embed. Select whether you want to remove padding or not and then you can set your module live.

How to Navigate to Articles within the Assistant

If you are in control of the embedded URL page, you can add code to enable navigation to other articles within the Assistant. Just add the following code snippet to any element on your page, making sure that there is no conflicting href or onclick href attributes on the relevant element. 

Replace 'YOUR ARTICLE ID' with the article ID of the article that you want the element to link to. You can retrieve the article ID of an article from the Content Management area. 

onclick="window.parent.postMessage({ contentType: 'application/x-elevio-v2+json', type: 'navigate-article', id: 'YOUR ARTICLE ID' }, '*')"