You can edit existing Helpers by heading to the Helpers Management area

  1. From the left Nav bar, select Deliver > Helpers & Hotspots or simply go to
  2. You can use either of the following to edit a Helper or Element:
    1. the Visualizer (continue to step 3)
    2. or the interface in the Helpers Management area (on (continue to to step 6).
  3. Click Launch Visualizer 
  4. Add the URL of the site where you want to edit the Helper
  5. This will launch the Visualizer
  6. Click the Helper or Element that you want to edit in the table of Helpers and Elements, or the Edit (pencil icon) button in its respective row. Alternatively, click the Delete button (the trashcan icon) to delete the Helper/Element
    E.g. in the below screenshot, the Helper with the name "Home" is displayed.
    A panel displaying the current settings for this helper will appear
  7. Update the fields that you want to change
  8. Click "Save"