The title is the guard keeper to your content.

This is true for both if someone is searching for your content, or if they are browsing your article list. If the user doesn't immediately connect and understand what's in the article, guess what, they aren't going to open it.

Think about what this article is for, if it's to answer a common question think about using that question as the title, or using the question as a statement.

For example, if someone needed help with creating an order, either of the following titles would be good candidates for a related article:

  • How to I create a new order?
  • How to create a new order

Both of these titles look to answer the question.

If the article is more for educational or instructional purposes, try starting the title with a verb. e.g.,

  • Creating a new order

This subtle change to the title can allow for a more long form article to flow from it

Pro tip: If you've ever done any work with SEO, keep the skills you've learnt there in mind as you're creating your content and crafting your titles.

One final tip, avoid "click bait" style titles.
We're professionals trying to help our users, click throughs are useless if they're for the wrong content.