It's no use creating new content that won't be seen by your users. Here are some recommended ways that you can use Elevio to ensure that your new content is seen by your users, right where it's needed.

Depending on your needs, you can try any of the following:

  • Tag your new content in the Assistant on the pages where they're relevant, so that they appear under a Suggested Articles header in your Assistant
    1. To achieve this, you can create a Per Page setting
  • Highlight any new articles as Helpers on the pages where they are relevant
    1. This would be handy if your new content is related to sections on different pages of your application. You can display the new articles inside Helpers, and attach the Helpers to elements on those pages. 
  • If your new content is only for a select few special users, or is intended to be viewable only at a specific URL(s), then create a Smart Group and apply it to your articles, modules or categories.