To search your content, type in your search query into the grey input field and hit your Enter/Return key. 

Selecting a search result will bring to the full article view of that search result within the Chrome Extension. Alternatively, if you hover your mouse over a search result, you will get access to the Copy   button and the Link button , if you have a Knowledge Base enabled.

Clicking the Link button will immediately open the article in the Knowledge Base, whereas clicking the Copy button will open the copy menu. 

Clicking the KB Article Link button will allow you to copy the link to the article in the Knowledge Base. The other option, Elevio Suffix Link will copy text that will appear formatted as ?data-elevio-article=10

 This text is intended to be added onto the URL of any page where the Assistant is installed, so that specific articles can be auto-opened in the Assistant when it is loaded; this makes the knowledge sharing process easier and more accessible.

I.E. in the above example, the article with ID 10 can be expected to auto-open in the Assistant (when the Assistant is loaded on a page where it is installed).

Viewing a Search Result

Clicking a search result will bring you to its respective full page article view in the Chrome Extension. You'll have accessed to the Copy and Link buttons, as mentioned above, as well as the Edit button. Selecting this Edit button will bring you the article in the Article Editor so that you can quickly edit and publish content on the fly.

Additionally, if there are restrictions placed on your article, you'll see them in a little card view as below. Select the Show button to see them listed.