This article was written on 7 August 2019 and describes an issue present at the time of writing.

We recently upgraded the base editor (Froala) behind the Content Editor (more about that here). Unfortunately, this new version of the base editor is not entirely perfect at this point in time.

What's Not Working as Expected:

On occasion, the Content Editor will not be able to handle copy pasting large amounts of content that contain multiple images.

This is a known bug by the creators of the base editor that we are using (Froala), and we are currently awaiting a fix to be added by them for this issue.

How to Work Around This:

You can try any of the following work-arounds to get around this issue:

  1. Copy-paste chunks of content with only one image at a time
  2. Copy only the text across first, before saving the images from the source and reuploading