The Ticket Deflection Rate report shows how GateKeeper performs over time. 

It includes how many times support tickets were deflected or submitted, as well as what percentage of tickets were successfully deflected on a daily basis. You can use the information presented here to gauge the effectiveness of your content and identify gaps that can be improved, e.g. by creating a new article or adding keywords to an existing one.

When a user created a ticket without submitting it, thanks to GateKeeper surfacing the right content for them, we categorise it as a Deflection. There are two types of deflections that we track:

  • Implicit: This is when the user filled in the ticket form, clicked Next to view suggested articles and either viewed the highlighted snippets without clicking a suggestion, or clicked at least one suggestion before closing the Assistant or navigating away, abandoning their ticket.
  • Explicit: This is when the user filled in the ticket form, clicked Next to view suggested articles, viewed the highlighted snippets and/or clicked a suggested article before explicitly marking a suggestion as the solution to their query.

On the other hand, if the user ended up submitting a ticket because there was no related content or they didn't find the suggestions useful, the ticket is then classified as a Submission.

This does not take into account the number of tickets users didn't need to create thanks to consuming your content. For that, see the Answers Delivered report.

NB This report is based off GateKeeper ticket deflection which was released July 23rd, 2018 and replaces Answer Assist.