The Assistant Search Hit Rate report provides a good overview of how your users are searching for help, and how well your existing set of content is covering and solving your customers issues.

In the provided report, you can see a breakdown of:

  • What your users are searching for.
  • How often they are searching for it.
  • Whether or not you have content to cover that search.
  • Which article is getting the most views for a given search term.

How it's useful

This helps you to quickly see where you are covering things well, and where your documentation is lacking.

Even when you think you have good content coverage, this report is great to show you what terms your users are using, which might be different to the terms you're using. This can help guide both your documentation, and your product.

If you're finding terms under "Searches with no results" that you definitely have content for, make sure that the content is not locked down to certain users/pages. Otherwise even though the content exists, it may still show up as "not found" because people on those pages are searching for it, but cannot access it.