The Answers Delivered report shows you for the chosen data range which of your content has been viewed the most.

You can also see from the chart and the corresponding table, where each of your articles is having its most interaction, whether that be via the Assistant or via your hosted Knowledge Base.
The response from your users is also shown as a total number of thumbs up and thumbs down, to let you know how people are responding to the article, in context.

How it's useful

If you're seeing great user response when people are viewing your content via your hosted Knowledge Base, but poor performance when viewed in the Assistant or vice versa, this may be due to the context in which you're showing the content. 

Make sure that if you're looking to serve your content in both the Assistant and yoru KB that you refrain from using contextual phrases like "on this page" since when viewed in the KB the user won't know what "on this page" refers to.