Prioritise the order of your articles within each category. The order of articles on display in the Assistant will mirror the order of display of articles in your Content Management area.

To reorder articles in a category:

  1. Select a category to view its articles
  2. Sort articles by 'Order of Appearance' in the Sort By dropdown menu
  3. Click on an article, drag it above or below other articles
  4. Release your mouse click when you're happy with the article's new order
N.B. Reordering articles is not possible while viewing "All" content nor while any filters are applied. Before you try to reorder an article, ensure that you are viewing a category and articles are being sorted by 'Order of Appearance'.

To reorder articles in a category across multiple pages of content:

  1. Categories with more than 100 articles will have a dropdown menu in the pagination footer of the table
  2. Select the arrow in the dropdown menu to select a page size
  3. Drag article up or down the page to reorder