Filter articles to narrow down content in the Content Dashboard.


Articles can be filtered in the Content Management dashboard by selecting 'New Filter' in the left sidebar.

Filtering content

The following filters can be applied:

  • Contributor - anyone who has contributed to authoring the article
  • Creation Date - the date that the article was first created
  • Publish Date - the date that the article was last published
  • Publish Status - indicates whether the article is live

    • Published - article is live and can be seen by end users
    • Draft - article is not live and cannot be seen by end users
  • Has Revision - indicates whether the article has unpublished changes
    • True - article has unpublished changes
    • False - article does not have any unpublished changes
  • Pending approval - indicates whether the article is waiting for approval before being published
    • True - article is pending approval
    • False - article is not pending approval
Learn more about saving, publishing and unpublishing articles here.
N.B. Filters are not applied while searching for articles in the dashboard. Additionally, articles cannot be reordered while filters are applied.