Ensure that your customers are getting all the help they need by maintaining up-to-date content that's easily accessible at their fingertips. Create, update and manage your content in the Content Management area.


Category Management

  • Learn how to create and edit categories to comfortably accommodate all your articles

Article Management

  • Create and edit articles so that your customers can grow their knowledge
  • Have existing articles elsewhere? Sync them in from other services
  • Share, Delete, Preview & Duplicate an article by hovering over the menu icon in its respective article row
  • Search through your published articles to locate them easily
  • Select multiple articles to publish and delete

General Content Management

  • Reorder categories and reorder articles. Prioritise the display of your articles and categories to maximise effective learning
  • Filter and sort articles to narrow down your list of articles
  • A little green indicator marks whether articles contain Keywords or Notes.  Hover over these indicators to view key details on the fly.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/NJyHSfgFg2QrLiY3BxUWoEA1L-KyiTikbBAwq9q2akk/VoUSFOrJ10yHS0Q1zStxkohtlAbuhRwAsT3RUAOuCJ4/Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.36.59 pm-7gk.png
  • Similarly, hover over the access and sync icons to view their source information
    • Access Control:
    • Sync Source
N.B: If your article is in an external knowledge base and you would like it gone forever, it must be removed from your external knowledge base otherwise elevio will re-sync it next time a sync is performed.
N.B The options to delete , publish and unpublish articles are only available to users who have permission to publish. If you are unsure as to whether you have permission to publish, check out this article.