At a high level Elevio bridges the gap between customer success and knowledge management, focusing particularly on product knowledge management. 

We help companies create / curate product knowledge, then efficiently deliver that knowledge to their customers and colleagues.

Put simply, we make your product easier to learn and use, by allowing your team to curate product knowledge and intelligently deliver that to your users (or teammates).

We provide a suite of tools to facilitate the delivery of knowledge from your product team to your users base, through streamlined content creation, delivery, and improvement.

For example, users can view content in the elevio Assistant and get their answers without having to leave the page or contact you for support.

Companies who deliver customer education this way are rewarded with increases in user engagement through up-skilling and education, and reductions in support loads and customer churn. You can see the stats for yourself here.

With contextually relevant support a single click away for your users, and advanced reporting to identify and fix pain points, elevio has helps hundreds of customers that care about their users take their user education to the next level.