Need proof that self service support is not a nice to have, but instead is a necessity, here's a few reasons:

  1. Over 50% of customers think it’s important to solve product issues themselves rather than rely on customer service. (Zendesk)
  2. Self-service usage increased from 67% in 2012 to 76% in 2014. (Forrester)
  3. 45% of companies offering web or mobile self-service have reported an increase in site traffic and a decrease in phone calls. (Destination CRM)
  4. A chat with a live agent can cost $6-12 per interaction, self-service can cost as little as 25 cents. (Forrester)
  5. 40% of customers prefer self-service to human contact. (Steven Van Belleghem)
  6. By adding self-service, a typical utility could see $1-3 million in annual savings. (Accenture)
  7. 70% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers to their questions rather than use phone or email. (Forrester)
  8. 70% of people expect a company’s website to include a self-service application. (Steven Van Belleghem)